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Ade Ex
So how come nobody told me that one side effect of giving up smoking is the rampant return of your horn??? With my reputation I thought that would have been the FIRST thing people told me. I woke up this morning with my throbbing tumescence already in my hand. It would've been churlish not to have made him sick. Within seconds he went from Big Ted to Little Ted to Big Ted, like I'm 12 again. So fear not u are losing a hobby. Another will come along to fill the vacuum. And this one is free, astonishingly enjoyable, and causes no harm whatsoever. It doesn't make you go blind. The fact I wear glasses is a complete coincidence... 8-D x
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Lee Oliver Hahaha

Shona Donaldson It will pass...

Ade Ex True, but so will everything X

Jack Sargeant

Rod Martin Rampant dreams to expect too i suspect

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